Public Address System Price In Pakistan

High quality with clear sound public address sound system is necessary for airports, railway stations, worship houses, Government buildings, Commercial office buildings, schools and shopping complexes around the Pakistan.

ABSec role is always constructive in security and meeting communication challenges across all type of premises and industries in Pakistan.

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Public Address system solutions in Pakistan (Largest Portfolio)

Loud speakers

As a leader in designing and manufacturing public address systems, We have a wide range of Column speakers, Ceiling speakers, Horn speakers, interior design speakers, Box speakers, Horn Array speakers. It has first and foremost loudspeakers to meet every audio requirement that may be a conference room, public speech, background music, voice alarming and professional routs.

Flexible System

At AB SECURITY SOLUTION, we have made it our job to provide you not just with high-quality dependable equipment but above all with excellent sound, the master in communication products. Whether in schools, concerts, airports and stadiums – sound systems make thousands of peoples lives convenient and more pleasant.

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Public Address System in Pakistan

AB Security Solution has been articulated for more than 15 years in designing Public addressable system in Pakistan. Our team of professional engineers has established unparalleled leadership in the domain of Public address system, Audio conference system and voice alarming system.


Uninterrupted sound

AB Security solution has been the most reliable and certified system integrator and solution provider in Pakistan and has been engaged in providing truly effective systems with exceptional performance and trustworthiness.

Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling Speakers

ABsec has ceiling speaker covers large expanded area through its wide dispersion celing characteristics. With built-in minimal high frequency rolls off ensure clear and balanced sound production over a wide area. These ceiling speakers are designed for smooth ceiling mount and secure back covers with makes the quality and cost effectiveness unparalleled.

Get a Bass that you Cannot Get from Other Speakers

AB Security Solution provides ceiling speakers that provide spectacular sound but its fitting is invisible.

Fill your studio, conference room ceiling, commercial store, shopping mall, Home and more with best ceiling speakers price in Pakistan.

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Pendant Projection Speakers

Pendant/Projection Speakers

The pendant speaker Elegant and exceptional design inspired by lighting and sound needs of industry and comes with adjustable 5 meter long cable. Driven on both low and high impedance, these are the best when it comes to public announcement speakers. Its directly attached hanging wire allows speaker to be hanged from ceiling


Horn Speakers

ABsec has most comprehensive and solid horn public address System speaker that provide perfect announcements and paging for house of prayers, large shopping malls, airports etc irrespective of all environments. These indoor and outdoor horn speakers are manufactured with powder coated and stainless quality steel that ensure its operation at extreme temperature without hassle. Available in both high and low impedance models make the right choice for every address need.

horn speaker
Column array speakers

Column Array Speakers

These line array high powered speakers comes with 2 way line array speakers, builtin woofers and 24 high frequency drivers. Clear and matchless sound quality without distortion over a long distance is the main feature. It can be integrated and attached with single amp and wide varieties of mounting brackets are available.


Column and Box Speakers

The column speaker meets the need of almost every public address system, audio conferencing and voice alarm system. Its strong all metal body wall mount design allows quick and easy installation and create elegant impression whether it is erected horizontally and vertically. Its 2 way base reflex speakers provides best experience to house of worship, restaurants, parks, boutiques, commercial offices etc

Column and Box Speakers


Unidirectional microphones are widely used in class room lectures, assemblies , speech and vocal usages. It is designed for both handheld and stand mounting usages and embedded with short slide on/ off button for quick us. The low cost and long lasting microphones are manufactured for most commonly handheld usages and its switch stops on for continuous use. It has long wires for easy attachment with all other mixer amplifiers.


Goose neck microphone created a new generation of microphones with elegant design and superb sound quality. These are best for speech reproduction with high frequency response to clear noise and resistance to ambient noise. Also comes with additional stand for desktop use with which it can be directly use on podium or table. It also has two adjustment points which also allows flexible positions and angles. Ideal for Speeches, conference rooms, lectures and religious services.



microphone for most common use in paging, Radio communications and public address system. Its small design capture a little space on your desk and therefore very easy to handle and use. It greatly reduces the background noises and provides a uniform noise with a consistency. It has got the active 600 ohm balanced output microphone element with noticeable press to talk button and easy locking lever. Mute switch and four conductor attached cables.


Mixer/ Power Amplifier

Engineered and designed for premium performance with wide frequency response, low noise and spin, and excellent output regulation A-2000 Series Mixer/ Power amplifiers is a multipurpose and most commonly used amplifiers for sound applications in house of worships, offices, schools. Resturants, shops, stores, factories and large conference and meeting rooms. A-2000 is synthetic with quality and reliability which make the first choice of every sound professional. Its features include inputs, auxiliary line inputs, balanced microphone inputs and telephone inputs and other features for microphones. An Auto mute function disables the voice activated precedence which override the auxiliary inputs. Other standard features includes volume, bass, terrible and channel level controls. Range available from 30, 40, 60, 120, 240 and 480 watts.



Quick connection and operation with the most durable quality in the industry The matrix Mixer public address system amplifier has inputs and zones outputs with pre- amplifier for easy analog setting of mixing and digital processing functions. It can also be controlled with computer and any other smart device however no PC is required for operation of this handy system. All in all you can save your hours in installing and tuning. Paging functions can be prioritize manually and automatically. This system is best suited for area where different background music is required from different areas and where the operator has to make selective announcements for specific areas. Further browser based setup is also available over computer or smart devices free of cost. The mixer is best suited to shopping malls, Large retail stores, textile units, manufacturing units etc.


UHF Wireless Microphone System

UHF Wireless Microphone System
Delivering Wireless sound with absolute quality

The 5000 wireless microphone complete system is ideal for classroom lectures, presentations, television interviews, house of worship, clubs etc. These microphone systems can be worked simultaneously in up to 16 in numbers. There is a simple connection of microphone with transmitter with can support power for 10 hours continuous operations.5000 Series comes in both unidirectional electret condenser and handheld microphones system strives to bring you highest agility and handiness.

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