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Audio Conference System Price in Pakistan 2023

Conference System For Meeting Room - First Class Answer

The AB Audio Visual next generation is the perfect new solution for all your audio conferencing requirements and provides Affordable Audio Conference System Prices in Pakistan. Integrating absolute control over the proceeding, reliability of equipment’s and flexible design, helps you to create a perfect environment for an audio conferencing system. To integrate and assemble the perfect system, our team has hands-on experience in every sector of industry.

Designed for perfection

During parliamentary discussions, multi-national and company meetings, company conferences or conference calls, every want to hear and convey clear sound. Best Audio Toa Conference System Price in Pakistan.

Successful Projects

Military College of Engineering- Case Study
Miltary College of Engineering, NUST
Gilgit Sectreriat - Successful Projects
Giglit Sectreriat
Commissioner Abbotabad, Case Study
Commissioner Abbottabad

Audio System For Conference Room Meeting (Answered)

The AB Audio Visual next generation is the perfect new solution for all your audio conferencing requirements. By integrating absolute control over proceeding, reliability of equipment’s and flexible design, it helps you to create a perfect environment for audio conferencing. To integrate and assemble the perfect system, our team has hand on experience in every sector of industry.

Flexible and Effective

Digital Flexibilty
AB offers the world’s best complete audio Toa wireless conference system price Rs 200000 in Pakistan. The solution uniquely offers total flexibility in design, crystal clear audio, and a high level of dependency that other traditional systems cannot cover.
Cost effective solution
We apprehend that our solution can provide you lowest Cost of Ownership as the system can be easily upgraded without any incremental cost and additional tools. The initial investment can be upgraded over time using existing hardware.
Broad system
Audio conference solution is ideal choice for small, medium and large scale organizations. The system is designed and complied with all the standards. You can attach as much as microphones with addition of Central control units.
Get all the messages clear
It is necessary that the audio conferencing system is fully reliable as it is concerned with high level communication. The AB audio conference design is fully controlled which guarantee the continues operation of your system.

AB Audio Visual has a range of latest technology audio conference solution for large scale conference and meeting halls like parliament conference hall and also offers medium to small scale conference and meeting room audio PA System. Our conference microphone and speakers can cater to Audio Conference room system requirements of any size and can facilitate conference room participants across the huge audio conference system for hall and room. For small and medium-size audio conferences in meeting rooms or huddles, a desktop microphone provides the most cost-effective conference solution. With our range of audio conference systems, discussion systems, and conference room PA system in Pakistan, we have the right equipment to meet your Audio conference and sound system requirements for conference room, meeting rooms, and large-scale conference halls.

Large Conference Halls and meeting room sound system

At huge scale conferences and meeting like parliamentary speeches, sound system, or PA system is integrated with conference microphones for the delivery of messages. Each participant of the conference hall must have an option to speak in the conference for sharing his point of view and message.

AB Audio visual system for conference room can meet the demand of hundreds of participants with a digital audio conference microphone system. The desktop microphone is useable with just a push of a button and the conference administrator can manage the conference with software.

Meeting Rooms

In order to cover conferences and meetings in mid and small-sized rooms, we provide a compact, plug and play TS-780 conference system. The Audio conference system components consist of delegate units, chairman unit, and central control unit which will be connected with conference room audio, PA, or sound system. The conference microphone has a built-in speaker which can be used without attaching the external conference room speakers but in order to cover a large area, it is recommended to attach a conference PA system. The chairman unit holder can control the conference proceeding of the whole meeting room and it can allow participants to speak with just push of his conference microphone control button.