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TOA Amplifiers represent a pinnacle in audio engineering, embodying a legacy of innovation, reliability, and superior sound quality. Renowned in the audio industry, TOA’s amplifiers stand as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and impeccable performance. From the iconic 9000M2 Series to the versatile 700 Series, TOA offers a comprehensive range of amplifiers tailored for various applications, ensuring clarity and precision in sound reproduction. Whether deployed in large-scale installations, commercial spaces, or professional audio setups, TOA Amplifiers consistently provide a robust and dependable solution for amplifying audio with uncompromising fidelity. As a trusted name in the industry, TOA continues to set the standard for amplification technology, meeting the diverse needs of audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Toa Amplifier Price List

A high-quality Toa audio amplifier is commonly used in professional audio setups such as public address systems, live performances, and recording studios. It is a popular choice among audio engineers and professionals for its reliability and excellent sound quality. AB Audio Visual offers the best affordable and best price in Pakistan for Toa wireless amplifier

Toa Electronics is a Japanese company that specializes in professional audio equipment. They are known for producing high-quality amplifiers, mixers, and speakers that are used in various applications such as broadcasting, concerts, and conferences. And every amplifier decides the price depending on the production and functionality.

Toa PA Amplifier Manual

The Toa Amplifier manual is designed to deliver high-quality sound reproduction with minimal distortion. It is equipped with advanced circuitry that provides a wide frequency response and high power output, making it suitable for large venues and outdoor events.

One of the notable features of the Toa amplifier is its versatility. It can be used with a variety of audio sources such as microphones, musical instruments, and audio playback devices. It also has multiple inputs and outputs, allowing users to connect multiple devices and control the sound levels independently.

Toa Power Amplifier Supplier & Distributor

Toa amplifiers also come with advanced features such as built-in equalizers, filters, and limiters that help to fine-tune the sound and prevent overload. Some models even have digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities and called as digital amplifiers, which allow for advanced sound processing and tuning. Ab security is the official distributor & supplier in Pakistan for the power amplifier.

High Power Amplifier

A high-power amplifier is an audio amplifier that is designed to deliver a high output power with minimal distortion. These amplifiers are commonly used in professional audio setups such as concerts, public address systems, and recording studios. They are designed to handle high levels of the audio signal and deliver a clean, powerful sound that can fill large venues.

One of the key features of a high-power amplifier is its ability to deliver high levels of power output. These amplifiers can deliver power outputs ranging from several hundred watts to several thousand watts, depending on the application. This makes them suitable for use in large venues such as stadiums and concert halls, where a powerful sound system is required to reach all corners of the venue. Visit the official Toa brand store for more information

Toa 480 Watt & Toa Amplifier 120 Watt

Two of its popular amplifier models are the TOA 120 Watt and 480 Watt amplifiers.

The TOA 120 Watt amplifier is designed for use in small to medium-sized venues such as conference rooms, small auditoriums, and classrooms. It delivers high-quality audio with a low distortion level, thanks to its advanced circuitry and design. The amplifier features multiple inputs and outputs, including microphone inputs, line inputs, and speaker outputs, making it easy to connect to a range of audio sources. It also has built-in equalizers, filters, and limiters that help to fine-tune the sound and prevent overload.

The TOA 480 Watt amplifier is designed for larger venues such as concert halls, stadiums, and outdoor events. It delivers high power output with minimal distortion, making it ideal for live performances and public address systems. The amplifier features multiple inputs and outputs, including XLR inputs, RCA inputs, and speaker outputs, allowing users to connect a range of audio sources. It also has advanced features such as digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities, which enable advanced sound processing and tuning.

TOA 900 Series Amplifier

The TOA 900 Series Amplifier is like a superhero for sound, it makes everything sound clear and awesome! Whether you’re having a meeting in a small room or a big event in a large hall, this amplifier is your audio sidekick. It’s like magic, it can adapt to make your voice or music sound just right, no matter the size of the place. With different power options from 30W to 240W, it’s like having a volume control that suits your needs.

What’s cool about the TOA 900 Series is that it’s not just powerful; it’s also super easy to use. You don’t need to be a tech expert, the controls are easy to understand, and it won’t take up much space. So, whether you’re in Karachi, Lahore, or anywhere else, this amplifier is here to make your sound experience top-notch. It’s like having your own sound superhero that makes sure everyone hears you loud and clear, adding a special touch to your events and gatherings. The TOA 900 Series, where great sound meets easy-peasy!

TOA Solid State PA Amplifier

The TOA Solid State PA Amplifier works amazingly for making your voice loud and clear at events! Whether it’s a school assembly, a party, or a big meeting, this amplifier delivers top-notch sound that everyone can hear. It’s built strong and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it letting you down. With easy controls, even if you’re not a tech whiz, you can make sure your message or music gets across perfectly. This amplifier is a must-have for anyone who wants to add a special touch to their gatherings, making sure everyone feels the vibe. For the announcements, the Pa Paging Amplifier is used.

TOA Meeting Amplifier

When it comes to meetings, the TOA Meeting Amplifier is your go-to friend! It makes sure everyone in the room can hear what’s being said, making meetings super easy and efficient. It’s like having a magic sound helper, just plug it in, and you’re good to go. With simple controls and a sleek design, it fits right into your meeting room without any fuss. Perfect for presentations and discussions, this amplifier adds value by making sure everyone’s ideas get heard loud and clear. If you want your meetings to be smooth and impressive, the TOA Meeting Amplifier is the key to success.