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Power amplifiers or power amp are used in connection with mixers to send power signals to passive speakers. There are two types of signals required to generate speaker sound, one is pre and the second is power. In a small application where there is a need to power small numbers of speakers or the wattage of speakers is small then normally mixer amplifier is used. The separate power amplifier is used when there is a need to operate speakers either in large quantities or speakers have very high wattage.

Power amplifiers are also used when it is required to operate or power separate channels or speaker in different locations. AB Audio Visual offers various models of amplifiers in different wattages and output power which can be selected on the basis of applications. TOA Corporation Japan has a wide range of power amplifiers to meet PA applications where the speaker is of high wattage or there is a need to connect many speakers for larger applications like auditoriums, outdoor stage applications, and more.

P-2240 Power AMPLIFIER

The P-2240 offers a high performance-to-cost ratio and can be used with TOA’s A-2000 Series mixer power amplifiers. Because the P-2240 features a 100V line input, it can be connected to the speaker line from another amplifier. Also, the P-2240’s power can be switched on and off by remote control, allowing it to be operated independently of the A-2000 Series. It can be used in connection with mixer amplifier A-224 


PA-3640 is the most robust amplifier in the TOA range of amplifiers. It has been introduced almost 30 years before but still, it is the front-line choice to supply power any type of speaker. It has the capacity to through signals at longer distances without any signal loss. PA-3640 can control a speaker of up to 540 watts and it gets pre-signals from the external device. You can connect any mixer amplifier with TOA PA-3640 for the best results in applications like factories, large grounds, and more. 


The FV-248 power amplifier is the system component of FV-200 series emergency PA system but still it can be independently used with other mixer amplifiers. It provides the best results when used with TOA mixer amplifiers and has the capacity to send power signals at a longer distance.


DA-1000 multi-channel amplifier is an excellent choice for application that requires high power for professional speakers. DA-1000 has 4 channels of 1000 watts accumulating 4000 watts in a single machine. DA-1000 can handle line array speakers and professional speakers of high power.

These line amplifiers are high-performance professional amplifiers for connecting TOA line array speakers HX-7, SR-A, SR-C, and sub-woofers model FB-150. DA-1000F has 4000W power with 4 channels which can operate 4 lines of HX-7 having four speakers each. These amplifiers are used in large venues like sports stadiums, and live stage sounds. DA-1000F price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 450,000 to 750,000.


DA-1250D is a dual channel amplifier that is an excellent choice to handle left right matrix of professional speakers and line array speakers. DA-1250D has total 2500 watts in power having 1250 watt power each channel. DA-1250 can manage 2 line TOA HX-7 line array speakers having 4 speakers each. DA-1250D is an ideal choice for auditoriums, house of worships, outdoor gathering and allied applications 


The TOA DA-250H is a 4-channel digital amplifier having 250-watt power in each channel. Each 250-watt channel has a separate power section. It is very lightweight with a very stable power distribution system. It is mainly used in connection with digital Pre mixers for an application like corporate buildings.

Power amplifier Supplier

AB Audio Visual is TOA Japan authorized power amplifier supplier in Pakistan. We are a power amplifier supplier to many commercial organizations, public sections, and houses of worship. Our available range of models can meet almost every type of power amplifier requirement.

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